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December 2011 News

The big news is that I have moved from my old studio in Nottingham to the wonderful little village of Hough on the Hill in Lincolnshire. It took some time to create the new workshop pictured here, complete with hawk overseeing the work.
The first guitar with the Hough on the Hill label was made earlier in the year and this is Vincenzo and Charlotte from California who came over to pick it up.
In the summer Zoe and I started a small concert series in the local church which was a great success. We had a lovely visit from Frank Bungarten and Carle Costa from Germany (pictured here) and on another occasion Paul Simon treated us to a great night out at one of his U.K. concerts.
The rather special looking A Series guitar to the right went off to the superb Berlin based guitarist Seth Josel ...
... who obviously enjoys a challenge!
While keeping busy in the workshop our Lurcher had a litter of puppies of which Lyra has stayed with us ...
... and two horses have joined the family.
Looking forward to 2012, I will be exhibiting in Vienna 14/15th January at the Konzerthaus - if you are in the area please call in and say hello!

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