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My new workshop is not big enough for the sort of courses I have run in the past, but I am happy to offer one to one consultations or classes for anyone who is interested.

As these will be very individual experiences please contact me and we can arrange something to suit your personal needs. I am happy to cover any aspect of guitar making you wish to explore (past topics have included rosette making, bending sides, making V joints, tuning tops, and varnish making) and we can do anything from a one day session to a few days, again depending on what you wish to achieve.

The fee for 2012 is £ 400 per day, which includes lunch. After what will probably be quite an intensive day's work, we can go for a walk in the country with the dogs, you could try some falconry, or just relax with a great pint of beer in our village pub.

If you would like more information or would like to book a session please contact me.

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