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The World Wide Web (WWW) contains something for everyone, therefore it must be made accessible to everyone.

Southwell Guitars, Ltd. is making every effort to bring this site into compliance with the various standards proposed by the agencies which oversee this vitaly important functionality. This in no way implies that this site is fully compliant. This is an ongoing effort.

Access keys use specific keyboard shortcuts to make a site accessible to anyone who has difficulty using a mouse. There is no current standard for the keys used and/or their functionality. The keys used on this site are:

Navigation keys on all pages

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Navigation keys on the Historical Guitars page

d  Hauser Guitars e  Lacôte Guitars f  Panormo Guitars
g  Scherzer Guitars i  Staufer Guitars j  Terz Guitars
n  Roudhloff Guitars s  Torres Guitars   

Navigation keys on the Legal page

k  Copyright Policy   l  Privacy Policy

Special Access keys

When viewing the pages for the A Series and historical guitars, two keys are used to go to more details about the guitar or to a large photo of the guitar. For example, when viewing the A Series or Lacôte guitar main page, use access key 1 to go to a page with more details. On every guitar's main page, access ket 2 will take you to a page with large photos of the guitar.

How to use Access keys

  • On a pc with Internet Explorer: press ALT and the accesskey, then press ENTER.
  • On a pc with FireFox: press ALT + SHIFT and the accesskey.
  • On a mac: press CTRL and the accesskey, then press ENTER.

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